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This doesn't look like the Midwest any more. I think I'm probably in Nevada now, although I didn't s... This is definitely Nevada now. The flag is the blue one on the right. No prizes for guessing which d... I just like the colours here. These flags represent the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and somethi... Here's my hotel. It's a bit bigger than anywhere I've stayed for a while. Okay, where's the reception then? Sorry the picture isn't very good; I wasn't really sure if I shoul... Oh, there's the hotel over there. I turned out that in the previous picture, I was just in the hotel... Mesquite in the morning. I stuffed myself so much at the all you can eat buffet last night that this small square of fudge wa... The person in the petrol station was laughing at the number of maps I was buying. I never found a to... Concrete mixers are back to front again! I'm not going to go any further. 80 miles on the open plains with a crosswind in Kansas was bad enou... Back in Mesquite. This is a sign for the cycle route which closely follows the route of I-15. The li... None of the car hire chains have a branch in Mesquite so this is how I will be leaving the town. Not... Here's another tyre looking like it's starting to come apart already. I've had this one since Moab. This pannier rack was amazing. On previous trips, they have either collapsed, fractured or needed th... There's a sports shop which sells bikes. I wonder if they sell bike boxes. The woman in the shop was very helpful and offered to give me one of the boxes in which their bikes ... I spent a while in this coffee shop using its WiFi connection to look up hire car companies while wa... Here's my bus. On the bus to Las Vegas. The change of scenery, which started with the appearance of palm trees yesterday, is continuing. If ... That's not fooling anybody. Las Vegas! I've just got off the bus and am now trying to find out how to get to my hotel. It's too ... This is Fremont Street, or at least it used to be. Now it's been covered over and pedestrianised. Th... I thought this junction between the covered Fremont Street and a road with real traffic was a bit st... Still on Fremont Street. This is the part of Las Vegas where the new huge hotels are. You should never be surprised what you find in Las Vegas. The grounds of Caesar's Palace, my hotel for tonight. The Mirage, our neighbouring hotel. The view from my window. The Flamingo hotel, across the road. The same but later. One of the other towers of Caesar's Palace. Seen enough yet? Here's the view from the other side of the hotel. One of the public parts of the hotel. Not really sure why I've got a picture of this. I think this is the part of the hotel called the Colosseum, which seems to be for sitting and watchi... Vegas by night. And again. Oh look, a Todd English Restaurant, like the one on the boat! Plans for some puture development, presumably. I thought I would go for a bit of a walk up the street. It turns ut that walking is not really neces... It's good to see that the South-Westerly wind is still blowing, as shown by the flag up there. It me... Betyond the cranes, you can see the beam of light from the Luxor Hotel pointing up into the sky. These hotels go on for miles down this road. in places, they join up with one another so it seems ea... There's the Bellagio Hotel on the left, with the lake for its fountains in front of it. They don't s... A new hotel on its way. Part of the Monte Carlo Hotel in the foreground, with the New York New York behind it. Since before ... My main reason for coming out was to find some food. I eventually settled on a pizza around here. I ... Back to the Palace. Look, there's a police car with bikes on it. This is the travelator over the Bridge of Sighs in the Venetian Hotel. I've been over the Bridge of ... The Venetian, where I have come to collect my hire car. Inside the Venetian. The Grand Canal in the Venetian. I've got my car now and come to see the Hoover Dam. It's built on the Colorado River, downstream fro... The dam was built to control the flow of the Colorado river for agricultural purposes but it also ge... There doesn't seem to be much holding this road up. The lake behind the dam. The white rock shows where the water comes to when the lake is full. The public toilets in Caesar's palace had a cracked concrete effect like this on the ceiling too. It... The river flowing away from the dam. The generators are in the buildings on either side of the river... This is one of the pipes carrying water through the dam. If you stand here, you can feel it rumbling... The generators. Still inside the gererator room. This again. The Colorado River forms the boundary between Arizona and Nevada so the dam is not just in two state... Right, where next? One of many straight roads in Nevada. Joshua trees. That's my car. It's something called a Chevrolet Cobalt. This petrol station stocks a wonderful sele... For some reason, there was a sign insisting that we should have headlights on at all times on this b... Just a helicopter. There's not much else to look at round here. Not much I can say about this. Roadworks on the road to California.