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I've just crossed into Germany. Here are the new speed limits. These things are all over Germany. More cobbles. I'm following a signed cycle route here. The German cycle routes like to go over as ma... The views are good though. A place called Bad Bentheim. In the Netherlands, cycle routes signs always tell you where you might end up if you follow them. Th... Rheine, not the only town I encountered in Germany which had one of these. A major canal between Hörstel and Ibbenbüren. I'll see plenty more canals tomorrow. A more informative sign. A wedding in Laggenbeck. The view from my hotel in Osnabrück. I don't know what this is. I never saw anything come out of it. Recharging my Walkman in Osnabrück. It was good to see that this home-made contraption worked. Osnabrück, looking rather quiet on a Sunday morning. Osnabrück. Osnabrück. For a moment, I thought the route went this way. Luckily, I had just taken a slightly wrong turn. After experimenting with the signed cycle routes for a while and being sent on a convoluted route up... The canal again. This is near Bad Essen. Minden, where my canal passes over another. The older of the two parallel aqueducts on the Mittellandkanal. Buildings associated with the canal junction. One of the aqueducts. A path below the two aqueducts. A slight deviation from the towpath. An enormous slag heap of some kind near Wunstorf. I passed several of these in Germany. More wind turbines. These ones are near Ostermunzel. Nothing in particular. Another peculiarly German sight: bales of hay dressed up as a person. A British cemetery on the road into Hannover. The road into Hannover. Unusually, here they aren't using the convention of pink paving for the cycl... The route into Hannover was quite long and a little confusing. Here, I've just stopped to try to wor... More cobbles as I continue to head towards the city centre. A less pretty view of Hannover. Central Hannover. Hannover. Hannover. I spent a few minutes here studying my hotel brochure and trying to work out where the Hotel Ibis wa... Ah, the all time classic. Unfortunately, today isn't Saturday. The view from my window in Hannover. I just liked the way the Sun was reflecting off that building i... I bought this map in a petrol station. It's designed for cyclists but is a little confusing at first... A building near the hotel in Hannover. The Hindenburg lock at Anderten. I soon decided I couldn't face another day on the monotonous towpat... A view from a bridleway near Münstedt. I've stopped for a break in the woods, next to the appropriately named Pisserbach stream which, acco... Bundesstraße 1, a road which I will now follow pretty closely all the way to the Polish border. It's... A view of Braunschweig, today's half-way town. A rather flashy traffic information sign on the way into Braunschweig. Braunschweig again. This is where the cycle lane finally gave up and I had to mix with the proper traffic again for pret... Part of the old border between East and West Germany. A view along the old border. Erxleben. Another wind farm. Another section of the B1, again still not looking very busy. Magdeburg appearing in the distance as I come over a hill. Tonight's hotel is in a suburb of this ci... I'm using the old photographing maps technique of navigation again. This one was in a estate agent's... University Square in Magdeburg. University Square in Magdeburg. My bike pretending to be a dog outside a petrol station. The hotel. Not really one of the best. Not an ideal start to the day; only a few minutes after leaving the hotel, I came to a road which ha... The town of Loitsche seems to have put up the mock pit wheel to let people know that it is in a mini... I had to cheat slightly here. By the time I realised there wasn't a bridge here, I had come too far ... On board the ferry. A cobbled street in the village of Schartau. The rather pretty centre of Burg. Slightly further up the street in Burg. It's not very easy to see but the inscription on the right-hand side of the obelisk points to my des... A bridge over the canal in Genthin. This place is called Plaue. A view of the Plauer See. A rather old-looking bridge over a channel into the Plauer See. Brandenburg. The City Hall of Brandenburg's old city. Part of Brandenburg's old city. A more industrial part of Brandenburg. In Germany, you never have that problem of coming into a town and not knowing when the church servic... Any idea what this is? That's right - it's a pumping station. The Old Market in Potsdam. On the road from Potsdam to Berlin. A rather smart suburb of Berlin. Mexico Square station on Argentina Avenue. I think I took this picture at the wrong time. They let me go in front after this. The one immediate... A thatched underground station! Whatever next. This looks like it must be one of Berlin's main shopping areas. I'm afraid I don't really know much ... The view along Kurfürstendamm towards the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. An unexpectedly large station at Berlin Zoo. I'm now slightly lost in the Tiergarten park. The Victory Column, which I think is meant to be a famous landmark in Berlin. I had never heard of i... 17th of June Street, which runs for about five miles in a straight line from out in the countryside ... Heading towards the Brandenburg Gate. Unlike the traffic lanes, the cycle lane carries on straight t... Posing in front of the Brandenburg Gate. It actually looks better from this side but I didn't want to have to set up the camera's timer again... The German Historical Museum. Part of Humboldt University. Alexander Square. I like the way the road has been removed but the tramlines which were embedded in ... My hotel was in a kind of shopping centre. This is the view from outside the lift. The roof of the same courtyard. The hotel's corridors seemed less plush than any other part of it. The underground station at Samariterstraße. The tube train was a bit strange in that there were no p... I came back to Alexander Square to do some sightseeing but ended up just sitting here, eating a bag ... Another general view of Berlin. Müncheberg, a small town on the way to the Polish border. Need a fireplace? Then why not go to Poland for one? This sign is only about a mile short of the bor...