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The Netherlands

The ferry terminal at Hoek Van Holland. The journey from here to Rotterdam seemed rather familiar as... A view of the ferry which had brought me across the North Sea during the night. A lifting railway bridge over a canal. It looks like the trains don't get any power while they are o... Looking the other way along the canal from the same viewpoint as the previous picture. Cobbled streets, a sight which would become rather familiar. At least the Dutch ones were nice and s... Rotterdam. Rotterdam, featuring me and my bike. Another view of Rotterdam, including a strange-looking green police station in the distance. An unusual block of flats. The pink paving is the cycle lane, a convention which is used throughout ... Here's an impressive road; most of it is taken up by the cycle lanes. More Dutchness. This is Gouda, where they make the cheese. I'm sheltering under some trees hoping that the rain shower will end. What the picture is meant to b... Another view from the same place. This town is called Oudewater, by the way. This machine was amazing. On the outskirts of Utrecht, I decided not to ride any further in the rain... The view from my hotel in Utrecht. It was still raining a bit so I was glad I had decided to stop he... A wet cycle path. The hotel was undergoing a bit of renovation. Bikes outside the station in Utrecht. They fill the area behind the columns too and continue like th... Utrecht.. Utrecht. Utrecht. Utrecht. Another good wide cycle route. This one is leading out of Utrecht. A general view in the Amersfoort area. Amersfoort.. Rain in the woods near Garderen. A small theme park near Apeldoorn. A cycle lane and a contraflow skating lane in Apeldoorn. The bridge into Deventer. Apparently, the film A Bridge Too Far was shot here. I haven't seen it. Deventer, seen from the bridge. A view from the other side of the bridge. Deventer, seen from the bridge again. Another view from the same bridge. It's raining again. It doesn't really bother me now though as I'm in the hotel. Rather better weather now and I've stopped in Holten to book a hotel for tonight in Osnabrück. Unexp... There's a drive-by rubbish bin by the right-hand edge of the road. These are quite common in the Net... A town called Borne. Another view of Borne. It's nowhere special but I thought it was quite pretty and I was having a rest and taking a few pict... The shape of the route marker in the bottom right is another distinctive feature of the Netherlands. The road has gone a bit funny now. Perhaps this isn't the right way. I don't think I can ride across that. I think this was the most lost that I got on the entire trip. Eventually, I found this map at a bus stop and took a photograph of it so that I could navigate from... The problem seems to be that this whole development is new and doesn't appear on my paper map. Still trying to get out of Hengelo. A shady spot in which to escape from the hot Sun.