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Geel, a town in Belgium. Cycle paths at Steenokkerzeel on the outskirts of Bruxelles. The lift in the hotel in Bruxelles. The toilet in the hotel in Bruxelles. Bruxelles, as seen from the toilet. A less glamorous view of Bruxelles, seen from the bedroom. Hotel la Potinière, Bruxelles. Paintings near the hotel in Bruxelles. Two of them are advertising posters. This was a rather dark m... That's the largest Citroen showroom I've ever seen. It's about as deep as it is wide and appears to ... A rather amusing statue on the bank of the canal in Bruxelles. The rather attractive central square in Mons, which seems to be a good place to go if you like musse... The main square in Mons. I think this must be the town hall. Another picturesque view of Mons, just off the main square. The Mighty Horn, near Mons.