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The Netherlands

Canal locks at Vreeswijk near Utrecht. The village of Wijk bij Duurstede, looking rather Dutch. The view from the balcony of my hotel in Rhenen. The evening sunlight made it difficult to take a mo... The bridge over the river Nederrijn at Arnhem. I would cross this bridge later after visiting Zutphe... A familiar view of the cycle park outside the station in Zutphen. Zutphen station, featuring my new bike. The village of Brummen, where some kind of fête was going on. The view from the bridge in Arnhem. I've seen a picture of that zebra-like boat in a book. The disru... An avenue of trees near Elst. Nijmegen, with barges on the Rhine in the foreground and a funfair on the waterfront. The red sign on the other side of the main road marks the cycle path which I had been trying to foll... Eindhoven, the city which defies gravity. An older part of Eindhoven, where I found a handy supermarket. The view from my room in Eindhoven. The border between the Netherlands and Belgium. A victim of European harmonisation?