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The area in front of the station in Valenciennes. The building on the right is the Grand hotel. The Northern Canal, near a place with the improbable name of Sauchy-Cauchy. My bike next to the bridge over the canal at Sauchy-Cauchy. Now you can go back to the picture of Zu... The flat landscape of Northern France, seen from the Summit Trench cemetery at Croisilles. A view from Summit Trench of the A1 motorway, behind which is the Eurostar track on which I later re... The rather small and isolated Summit Trench cemetery. Corbie, a town with piped music in the streets. The river Somme flows through the town but it's easy... Amiens, seen from a distance. I didn't get much closer to it than this. Unusually, the wind was in m... Blancfosse, a village which seemed worth a photograph. My hotel room in Beauvais. Beauvais, in département number 60. The church in Beauvais. The town hall in a small town called Marines. This is a place called Boutigny-Prouais. I don't know if that sign saying The Pontgouin aqueduct at Maintenon. The Pontgouin aqueduct at Maintenon. A village called St-Piat. My first view of Chartres, seen from the other side of Champhol-Oisème. Massacre Road, on the Chartres tourist trail. This part of Chartres is a bit steep, which explains why none of the main roads approach the city fr... Chartres cathedral. The river Loir, a tributary to the much larger Loire, seen here from the N10 at Bonneval. A tiny goat at la Remonnerie. A woman in the village didn't seem at all hapy about me taking photogr... My bike next to the Loir in Vendôme, following some adjustments. Valmer Castle. Sheltering from the rain under the TGV line at Vouvray. At this point, the line has just crossed the... Charting progress in Tours, not knowing that I would be giving up the next morning.