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Last time I came here, I had to have my passport checked by guards from both countries. Not any more... Scenery. The sign points to Warsaw. I've been to Poland three times now and still haven't been there... I had forgotten about these wooden carvings. They are a common sight in Lithuania. When I was here before, I sent somebody a text message saying that I was looking at some cows but I ... Despite knowing that I have come along this road before, there's not much that I recognise. This see... After carrying some scrap paper for days, I've just got fed up of looking for a recycling bin and th... Marijampole. Marijampole. I think I used that same cash machine as last time, just out of view on the left. If I ... They look like a load of microwave link antennas. Marijampole. Marijampole. There's no shortage of places to sit down here. Marijampole. Marijampole. I saw quite a few of these today. I've never seen them in any other country. I wonder if they will c... Just a very still cow. I don't know what a hesburger is but I don't want one. In 2006, I showed you a sign warning of a fibre optic. I think this one is warning of a power cable. I remember seeing this before. I don't think the Dutch, Germans or Poles would allow bikes on a road like this but it's actually ve... Here's a flag flying from a car. These powered paragliders seemed to be practising for some kind of display. One of them was towing a... Kaunas. The symbol on the far bank suggests to me that Lithuania are involved in a basketball compet... Kaunas. Just a little bit of Kaunas. I passed through the old town very quickly so if you want to see pictur... This hotel has a seating area like the ones I found in Croatia a couple of years ago. The area around the hotel. The two chaps on the left were just two of many who I saw today who were ... A lot of the houses in this area are wooden, like you might find in a small American town. Most of t... Another of those flags. Some of the diners here were smartly dressed, although none had flowers. For... She's got a flower, look. The two on the right have flowers. I saw people waiting at bus stops with them, getting on and off b... I don't know what these mounds of earth are for. My theory is that they provide a way for animals to... A quiet spot in the woods. There's a lot in this town! The River Neris at Jonava. It's hard to see but he's got a flower. A lot of flower-carrying people came closer to me but I didn... They haven't got flowers but I still can't imagine where they are going. Jonava. No flowers but they are rather smartly dressed. It was like watching ants. Everybody was walking but I could never work out where to or why. Rural Lithuania. These country roads are much better than the ones in Poland. Actually, that's also ... My bike at a rest stop. A big stripey rock. The road. A village church. There are some pretty floral displays in this village, which isn't surprising given how many gardner... I had about 20 km of gravel roads today, which I found a bit daunting but they turned out to be pret... Road distance markers in Lithuania count both ways so you know how far it is to where you're coming ... Here, I had a choice between 14 km of gravel or 22 km or tarmac. I think choosing the gravel was the right idea. It gets a bit dusty when a lorry goes past though. T... This is a better road! Someone here likes their flowers. It looks like a persone spearing a fish. Another of the many wood carvings by the roadside. Donkey donkey donkey! The sign says there's a stone sculpture park 800 metres away. It looks like there's one here. I had hoped to get inside the restaurant on the way into Vilnius before the thunderstorm came but I ... It is basketball, look. The sports channels on the television have been showing little else. I've found another purpose for the right-hand lanes on the main roads. As well as being hard shoulde... I was feeling quite hungry by the time I got here. This is my first chocolate muffin of the trip. There was a children's party going on in this restaurant so it was a bit chaotic in there. I don't k... On the way into Vilnius. Quite a lot of green traffic lights. Vilnius. Vilnius. Vilnius. The curved building belongs to Barclays Bank. Vilnius. Gendimino Prospektas, which I think is Vilnius' main shopping street. Whatever was going on today involved som staging, which is now being dismantled. Further up Gendimino Prospektas, where more staging is being packed away. I made a mistake here. I deliberately took a diversion to enter Vilnius down the busy major road, wh... Decorations for the basketball championship. These must be bike racks but I have no idea how they work and there were no other bikes to copy. I d... This hotel lobby is perfectly normal, as is my room, which is behind the door on the left. Immediate... From that waiting room, and from the corridor which connects it to the lifts, you can look down into... The view from my window. There's some kind of fair or market going on all the way along the main road today, which is a littl... Those stages weren't being taken down last night; they were being put up. At this end of the street are some people selling wood carvings. Behind the Cathedral is the Palace of the Grand Dukes. The driver of this car must remenber the incident I read about this morning where the mayor used a t... Vilnius. A small courtyard in a back street. My pedal crank has been clicking slightly for the last few days. It's not much but once I enter Bela... Finished in 1538, 33 different shapes of brick. This. That. Knitted things. Stupid glass box. Whatever. Not writing any more. If bike shops don't do anything, why should I?