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I read a few reviews of the Hotel Mariage while planning where I wanted to stay tonight. One was fro...
I read a few reviews of the Hotel Mariage while planning where I wanted to stay tonight. One was from a couple who said that they were the only guests in a large hotel which seemed like it was purpose-built for wedding parties. I know that feeling now. There was one car in the car park when I arrived but it drove away while I was still deciding where to park. I was relieved to find that the hotel was actually open.

The other review said that the staff didn't speak English but it didn't matter. I can agree with that too. The receptionist was very friendly and obviously used to dealing with foreigners so she was able to tell me when breakfast was, give me the password for the wireless LAN and sort out the confusion which always arises in hotels which don't give you the option of booking a room for just one person.

I have found that a in shops, a good way of avoiding the problem of not being able to speak the language is to get served while the assistant is already talking to somebody else. It's hard to engineer such a situation but it's happened to me twice now.

There's a pizza delivery menu in the room. A lot of hotels don't like guests eating in their rooms so I always felt like I was being a bit cheeky whenever I ordered pizzas in hotels in America a few years ago. I feel like it really would be taking liberties here to circle what I want on the menu, take it to the receptionist with the correct money and make guestures asking her to telephone for one, although that would almost certainly work. I've got enough sweets to feed me for tonight instead.

An odd thing about this room is that there are two thermometers in it. The room where I stayed on the night of the 31st of May had a calendar hanging on the wall. It annoyed me after I had left the hotel on the 1st of June that it hadn't occurred to me to change the month.

UTC Time: 17:09, Monday 14 June 2010
Local Time: 19:09, Monday 14 June 2010
Estimate of longitude: 19 59' 34.15" E = 19.992820
Estimate of latitude: 50 51' 5.65" N = 50.851570
Possible error on position estimate: 5 metres