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The United Kingdom

Here we go again! As normal, I'm starting from Malvern. Those are the Malvern Hills. I quite like the idea of trying to get a picture of the flag of each country I pass through. Here's ... I hope the route isn't like this all the way! Actually, I didn't really mean to come down here. I so... A couple of steam trains waiting on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway at Toddington. Sorry yo... Stow-on-the-Wold. Burford. I've been this way lots of times but there may be some people in far-off places looking at ... The river Windrush. I've arrived at my hotel now. I don't know who those people are but they look happy to be in my pict... The hotel is called the Mill and Old Swan. This is the millrace. This is part of the hotel grounds. Look, there are those people again. It's a rather smart place and... Ah, this is his constituency, is it? I should be leaving the country in a couple of days and hope th... The ruins of Minster Lovell Hall Minster Lovell Hall was built by Lord William Lovell in 1435 and extended by his son, Lord Frances L... I remember once trying to climb into that upstairs doorway on the corner of what's left of the build... The inside of the medieval dovecote. For several years, and without any explanation, there has been ... Inside the Old Mill, where my room is. These flights of steps on the right are interesting. The top ... It makes you want to, doesn't it? Here's an efficient use of building materials: the drainpipe is also a handrail. Cars on the M40 motorway glinting in the sun. It's a lovely warm day today. On the horizon is the St... I'm not sure what type of bird this is but I saw several of them this morning. There have also been a lot of classic vehicles out and about this weekend. Yesterday, I was overtake... My favourite kind of shop. This is the village of West Wycombe, which to me will now be known for its sweet shop. Westfield at White City. Apparently, this is the largest shopping centre in Europe, which surprised ... I decided that instead of the route which I normally take across London, I would try taking a shorte... Trafalgar Square. Tower Bridge, of course. Enjoying a drink in front of the Tower of London with my friend Luisa, who used to work with me but ... The monument to the great fire of London. The weather has been wonderful today. Now I'm just enjoying the evening sunshine. Another London view. I thought at first that it was a bit strange for a pub to be open at this time of the morning. It tu... London's Docklands. Greenwich park. I wasn't really expecting to see something like this. This is where the Channel Tunnel Rail Link disappears into its tunnel under the estuary of the River... Charles Dickens lived in Higham from 1856 to 1870. Scrooge seems like an odd choice of character to ... Oast houses, designed for drying hops. I'm not really sure what hops look like when they are growing... Canterbury on another warm day. Approaching Canterbury Cathedral. I like the wooden frontage on the Debenhams on the left. Canterbury Cathedral. Just to the left of the car's roof was my first glimpse of continental Europe. I'm hoping to be over... Dover and its castle. Dover Harbour. I'm not really sure why the harbour needs to be so big. There's a marina behind me an... The end of the Prince of Wales pier in Dover harbour. This is the closest that the members of the pu... It seems that the middle part of the harbour does get used for something.