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Spot the bird....
Spot the bird.

I don't know if these are the same birds who have followed us all the way from Denmark or whether they swapped over when we passed land. They don't really seem to use the ship much, eithe by landing on it or by soaring in the thermals which it generates. They just fly so low over the sea that they keep getting hit by the spray. One of them did seem to disappear for a few monents when I was trying to watch it so perhaps it dived in to try to catch a fish.

UTC Time: 05:43, Tuesday 28 August 2012
Local Time: 06:43, Tuesday 28 August 2012
Estimate of longitude: 12 37' 10.20" W = -12.619500
Estimate of latitude: 64 53' 25.66" N = 64.890460
Possible error on position estimate: 50 metres