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The main road to Puttgarden in Northern Germany. This machine was obviously doing something to the underneath of the bridge. I don't know what it was... The Fehmarnsund Bridge, which brought me back onto the proper mainland of Europe. Strange sign. Neustadt i Holst, where I sheltered from a particularly feeble shower of rain. Lübeck. A rural cobbled road not far from Hamburg. Inside my hotel room in Hamburg. My bedroom in Hamburg. My bathroom in Hamburg. My balcony in Hamburg. The hallway of the house which included my room. Different architectural styles in Hamburg. An exhibition of Arne Jacobsen's work. Hamburg seen from a bridge over the River Elbe. Another bridge which I wasn't allowed to use. The path along the top of the Elbe's flood defences in Francop. Buxtehude, where some kind of fair was going on. The only thing of interest in this picture though i... German wind turbines. Tram lines outside the hotel in Central Bremen. The railway station opposite my hotel in Bremen. A pretty view in the middle of Bremen. One of Bremen's odd statues. This man appears to be charming pigs. The old part of Bremen. The old part of Bremen. A village with cobbled streets. A family and tractor made out of bales of hay. I found this in a tiny village called Suhle. A The River Hase near Loningen. The type of petrol station which doesn't sell sweets and lollies. The cycle path heading from Nordhorn towards the Dutch border.