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Helsingör Castle. Helsingör, seen from the ferry from Helsingborg. The coastal road from Helsingör to København. Danish cycle route signs, similar to those in Germany and the Netherlands and more useful than any f... An unexpected surprise sprung by the cycle route: a sudden steep slope straight down onto a road. Another part of the coastal route, showing an offshore wind farm. The Øresund bridge can just about ... The view from my window in København. A street in København. København's famous Nyhavn harbour street. The Amalienborg palace. Rådhusplatsen, outside the Tivoli Gardens. A large neon thermometer opposite the Tivoli Gardens. København. København. København. The Little Mermaid. Stones marking kilometres and Danish miles. The bridge across Masnedsund near Vordingborg. The disused railway line on the island of Lolland, now used as a cycleway. The sea at Rødbyhavn, seen from the hotel. A wind farm on the coast near Rødbyhavn. The German coast, seen from Rødbyhavn.