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The E4 in Northern Sweden, where it is a reasonable road for cyclists. A typical Northern Swedish farm. Central Luleå. Luleå. Luleå. A bridge in Luleå. The area is the world's largest brackish archipelago, or something like that. A cycleway leading out of Luleå. A good route for cyclists, alongside the E4. Not such a good route for cyclists. This was the narrowest path of my entire journey. An unsurfaced road, like many others in Sweden. Cycle routes near Piteå. A sign by the E4 giving the temperature of the air and of the road. The village of Kage, one of many ice-lolly stops. The centre of Skellefteå. Repairing the bike in the shade of Skellefteå's bus station. Bicycles in Skellefteå. Skellefteå. A large puddle in Bygdsiljum. Dirt which had come up from the wet unsurfaced roads. I think most of the dirt of the floor in this ... Hörnefors, another source of ice-lollies. The Örealven river at Öre. The Örealven river at Öre. Nordmaling belfry. The Gideälven river at Gidböle. The ski-jump in Örnsköldsvik. Örnsköldsvik on a Monday morning, looking no more inhabited than it did on the Sunday night. A bridge which I though I would have to cross. A bridge which I would have crossed if it had been allowed. Picturesque scenery in Ångermanland. Part of a 20 km length of bumpy unsurfaced road. A railway bridge crossing a hydroelectric dam in Timrå. Dragon statue in Sundsvall. A level crossing in Sundsvall. Dragon statue in Sundsvall. I think that is a real registration number. The Ljungan river at Allsta. Ski slopes near Hassela. My bike parked near Hassela. Garden ornamentation in Bricka. Many Swedish gardens were far more cluttered than this one. My cake stop in Delsbo. A milestone in Hälsingland. I don't believe that's a real café. The view from my window in Bollnäs. Bizarre signpost in Bollnäs. Chariot racing near Bollnäs. Lake Hämmen, near Svabensverk. This is in Falun. That's all I know about it. A large, slowly rotating waterwheel near Grängesberg. A large, slowly rotating waterwheel near Grängesberg. Another milestone and a collection of mailboxes in Storå. Two railway carriages in a field in Pershyttan. Pershyttan. This looks like it should have been another waterwheel. Pershyttan. These buildings used to be something too but I didn't really understand the diagram. Örebro's castle. Parks around the castle in Örebro. Buses in the centre of Örebro, about to start their routes. Örebro's castle. Central Örebro. Askersund. A lake near Granvik in Västergötland. These 19th Century houses were part of the hotel where I stayed in Hjo. The terrace where I ate my dinner in Hjo. The hotel's pool, with the huge lake Vättern behind it. The Västergötland landscape. Another Sunday, another deserted city. This time, it's Jönköping. The car park and platform of Jönköping station, with the lake behind them. The centre of Jönköping. Odensjö's belfry. Another cycleway. This one is sandwiched between the E4 and the railway line. A big house in Hörle. I wonder what's happened to that tree. A log trailer in Hishult. Possibly the last one I saw. The flat landscape of Skåne, looking more like Denmark than Sweden. A traditional windmill in Höja. Helsingborg. My room in Helsingborg. Helsingborg bus station, across the road from my hotel. Helsingborg ferry terminal and railway station. My bike outside the hotel in Helsingborg. The view from my window in Helsingborg. The Danish coast, seen from Helsingborg harbour. Helsingborg harbour.