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The border between Norway, which I have just left, and Finland, which I have just entered. Moomins, apparently the height of Finnish culture, seen here by the roadside not far from the Norweg... More moomins, now on television in Enontekiö. Moomins on the television in Enontekiö. The view from my window in the town of Enontekiø (as it's called in Norway), Enontekiö (as it's call... The Muonionjoki river, which forms the border between Finland and Sweden. The first railway line I crossed, just North of Kolari. Not a very good view of a reindeer near Orajärvi. The Muonionjoki river once it has become a bit slower and flatter. My hotel in Pello. The Arctic Circle. The Muonionjoki river again. The bridge is where I will cross from Finland into Sweden.