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The most northerly point in Europe. Me at the northern tip of Europe. The North Cape seen from Knivskjelodden. The path from Knivskjelodden back to the road. A view from the path from Knivskjelodden. The entrance to a short tunnel on the island of Magerøya. The mainland, at the far end of a longer t... Inside the 6840 metre North Cape tunnel. The cabin in Repvåg where I sheltered from the weather. The E6 at Kvalsund, heading towards Alta from Oldefjord. The river Repparfjordelva beside the E6. The view from my hotel window in Alta. this was the last view I had of snow-topped mountains. The wh... Midnight in Alta. The road beginning to climb as it heads inland somewhere near the Alta canyon. "Kautokeinø's top lodgings" Kautokeinø, Norway's only mainly Sami town. My huge cabin in Kautokeinø. The bike's front reflector is clearly working again, having just been r... The first thing I saw on leaving the cabin.