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This hotel has bike parking which is partially under cover. That might become useful because it look...
This hotel has bike parking which is partially under cover. That might become useful because it looks from the forecast like the summer weather could be at an end. The last week has been beautiful. Next week could be quite rainy and with strong winds which change direction every few days. My route will also change direction a few times. Perhaps if I'm clever I can actually time the remaining legs of my journey to make use of the wind.

If it does rain again, I'll try using my waterproof camera. I've carried it for 3833 km and not turned it on yet. The pictures which it takes are very wide-angle so you won't be able to see many details in them but that's better than breaking any more cameras.

Incidentally, the phone which I bought in Mansfield is starting to behave not quite perfectly now but I don't think I've done anything which could have damaged it. All three phones are still good for some purposes but their faults are:

Oldest one: slow processor, not 4G, some parts of the screen don't work.

Middle one: unable to transfer any data through the USB connector.

Newest one: sometimes gets into a state where it can't charge or transfer data through the USB connector. It can be fixed by turning it off and on again.

I reported a few days ago that when I tried to listen to music or the radio on the oldest one, it behaved as if somebody was constantly pressing buttons. I now think that the fault is actually with the earphones. I had three sets of earphones that I knew about, all of which were designed for use with mobile phones and have buttons part-way along the cable. I think it may be those buttons which are going wrong. In the process of reacquainting myself with the underwater camera, I found a set of normal earphones so I might try those one day.

UTC Time: 16:39, Saturday 12 September 2015
Local Time: 17:39, Saturday 12 September 2015
Estimate of longitude: 2 32' 12.01" W = -2.536670
Estimate of latitude: 51 30' 18.94" N = 51.505260
Possible error on position estimate: 100 metres