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My first food stop in Belgium. It was a little different inside to the French ones and there were so... Some kind of two-seater motortricycle. I had been led to believe that today would be the point on my ride where the Big Mac recipe would ch... This is like the Netherlands. There's a path for bikes and mopeds on the right and we're not allowed... Scenery. Motorway scenery. Oh, what a surprise. Main street. Gone. The sign is unnecessary as it's quite obvious which way bikes should go. I was alarmed though that D... Is that speed limit for bikes? I don't think I'll come close to that with no significant hills aroun... It looks like there's a storm coming. I took this picture while on a diversion because yet another m... The view from a bus stop where I was sheltering. Canals. An expensive-looking house. There were a lot of big detatched houses along this afternoon's route. S... More scenery, I suppose. Oudenaarde. Oudenaarde. Oudenaarde. Oudenaarde. This must be a tilting or lifting bridge. As I approached, the barriers were down and there was a bi... Oudenaarde. I don't know what building used to be in the gap but I don't fancy its wallpaper much. Roundabout art. From time to time, the cycle route switches from one side of the road to the other. Another fancy house. Scenery under a rather dull sky. I was surprised to encounter an ice cream van on a day like this, a... I'm not sure wat kind of wedding that mannequin is dressed for. I think this is some kind of late 20th century antique shop. I found it while sheltering from the ra... When I booked tonight's accommodation earlier, I forgot to write down which hotel it was so I'm havi... This stage is for a circus which will be in the town for the next few days. The seafood salad from Portugal is back, along with what appears to be an alleged sauce. Aalst. The chairs were cemented into the ground and seemed like an odd seating arrangement. For instance, t... Aalst. Belgian cycle route signs. Like the signs for motorists, they don't often give distances to places. This is a fairly typical Belgian main road. There's only one lane for traffic in each direction. The... There isn't a lane marked for horses. Here's an interesting arrangement. It's an automated self-service petrol station and the building wh... Roundabout art with flags. A lifting railway bridge over a canal. The town of Boom, seen from across the canal. This road carried on in a straight line past of commercial premises like these for several miles on ... Antwerp. Antwerp. Antwerp. Antwerp. I thought the buildings somehow made the people in this street look very small. Antwerp. A pleasant park which I only found because I got confused by the cycle lane signs and decided to go ... The same park. Antwerp. Bread vending macines are common in Belgium. They are normally stand-alone units which stand outside...