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Examples of the plant life in France keep appearing as I am talking about them.
UTC Time: 16:20, Tuesday 09 August 2011
Local Time: 18:20, Tuesday 09 August 2011

The woman serving me in Cognac seems determined to force the conversation into English. In the end, I give in.
UTC Time: 20:10, Thursday 11 August 2011
Local Time: 22:10, Thursday 11 August 2011

The man in Bressuire is happy to do it in French, and doesn't seem too surprised at my rather eclectic selection of dinner items.
UTC Time: 18:11, Friday 12 August 2011
Local Time: 20:11, Friday 12 August 2011

Entering Chartres Cathedral.
UTC Time: 08:33, Monday 15 August 2011
Local Time: 10:33, Monday 15 August 2011