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I had some trouble at the hotel here. I had started locking my bike to one of these trees when a man...
I had some trouble at the hotel here. I had started locking my bike to one of these trees when a man came out of the kitchen and told me that I couldn't do that and that I should take it into the reception and the people there would tell me what to do with it. That didn't seem likely but he watched me and made sure I wheeled it in through the reception door. I parked it out of the way immediately inside the door but before I had got my passport out, the security guard came over and told me to get it out of the building. I hate it when people do that. There's nothing you can do. Regardless of whether you can speak the language or not, you can't just say "a man told me to". That won't convince anybody. As far as the hotel was concerned, I was just the kind of selfish idiot who thinks they can bring bikes into other peoples' buildings and there was nothing I could do about that. I quickly locked the bike to this tree before the first man came back, and showed this photograph to the receptionist, who said it was okay here. I felt terrible about having upset everybody before even having checked in and just wanted to get away from here as soon as possible in the morning, only I hadn't really been listening when I was told what time breakfast started and I couldn't face going back to reception to ask.

I felt happier after a couple of hours, when I got a phone call asking me to come down and move my bike into a store room just off the reception area. I take that as a sign that the people with different opinions about where it should be had got together and perhaps realised why I had done what I had.

UTC Time: 15:05, Tuesday 15 June 2010
Local Time: 17:05, Tuesday 15 June 2010
Estimate of longitude: 19 25' 43.82" E = 19.428840
Estimate of latitude: 51 46' 19.06" N = 51.771960
Possible error on position estimate: 5 metres