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Beware of the pies?<br><br>I have been plagued by dogs today. Before my 2006 trip, I read in a guide...
Beware of the pies?

I have been plagued by dogs today. Before my 2006 trip, I read in a guidebook that there are a lot of big dogs in Poland. Now, like then, all the dogs I've encountered have been small, many of them comically so. This one is probably the largest. Some of them have trotted past me minding their own business but several have chased me and a lot more would have done if they hadn't been fenced in. One was dead, which cheered me up for a while.

Actually, it's not just the dogs who have been making me feel uncomfortable. Most of the people who I have passed have stared at me as if they don't want my type around here. I don't think this area can get many tourists.

The road signs in this town weren't up to much so I needed check my map. Along this street, I went through several cycles of the routine: stop, look at map, get barked at by dog or stared at by occupier of nearest house, move on.

UTC Time: 14:35, Monday 14 June 2010
Local Time: 16:35, Monday 14 June 2010
Estimate of longitude: 19 48' 58.79" E = 19.816330
Estimate of latitude: 50 37' 21.18" N = 50.622550
Possible error on position estimate: 50 metres