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My bike locked up for the night.<br><br>The woman in the hotel here seems a bit manic. I had only ju...
My bike locked up for the night.

The woman in the hotel here seems a bit manic. I had only just got into my room when she came up with my passport and wallet, which I had left at reception when she had distracted me by waffling something which I didn't really understand about the back door. Then the phone in my room started ringing while I was in the shower and before I had had a chance to get dry, she was knocking at the door blabbering something about a mobile phone. I didn't really understand what the problem was. I sort of got the impression that one of the other guests had lost one and she was looking for it. While she was there, I asked about the password for the wireless Internet access and I thought she told me to come downstairs for it but before I had finished hanging my clothes out to dry, she was back at the door again with the password written down. After she left me, I heard her knocking on other doors.

I didn't think there were very many other people in the hotel but there was obviously somebody in the room next to mine because they snored monstrously from about ten o'clock onwards.

UTC Time: 17:34, Wednesday 02 June 2010
Local Time: 19:34, Wednesday 02 June 2010
Estimate of longitude: 10 47' 54.28" E = 10.798410
Estimate of latitude: 51 29' 42.61" N = 51.495170
Possible error on position estimate: 20 metres