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Belgium! There are plenty of cycle routes here, although it's a bit of a shame that I don't know whe... I was hoping it would be nice and flat if I came this way. This looks good. The wind is behind me to... Here's why cycle lanes in Belgium are better than in England or France. A bread machine. These were quite common in Belgium. You can see my reflection in the window too. An entrance to the old part of Bruges. The city walls seem to be completely intact so all roads in a... The garden of my hotel in Bruges. I'm not sure why I've taken a photograph of this. Bruges bus station, just outside my Hotel. Look at the width of this cycle lane in the foreground! Another view of the square next to the bus station. Halfords, apparently. This is still Bruges. The clock tower which is catching the evening sunlight there would spend somet... The square by my hotel again. The building seen here seems to be some kind of theatre. The same square again. It's not just a walled city but also a moated city. This is the gate by which I left. Gent. A collection of older buildings in Gent. Erm, this seems to be the Pope. I'm not convinced though. For a start, he's sharing a bottle of beer... When the Pope eventually moved on, these Eskimos took his place and spent a good ten minutes milling... Your guess is as good as mine. Still not really sure what this is all about. The policeman, who I think is real, doesn't want to let that cardinal drive through there. Is there supposed to be some kind of Summer theme here? If so, how does the Pope fit in? Hmmm, now we seem to have Scotsmen and... some other people. It's getting a bit surreal now. I have absolutely no idea. Okay. I'm getting out of here. I know where I am now. This is a place called Steenokkerzeel, on the edge of Bruxelles. I happened t... Four of the twelve nationalitlies represented by the vechicles parked outside my motel. Okay, not ve... Here's somewhere prettier. This is Diest. Another clock playing tunes. This one is in a town called Bilzen.