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The United Kingdom

My last view of the Malvern Hills, from the Cotswold Ridge near Cutsdean on the B4077. I had already... The view back to the A40 from my room in my first night's hotel, the Chequers Inn in Cassington. The Thames south of Oxford, acting as a warm-up act for the Rhein and Danube. A rather quaint little Post Office in Goring, with the River Thames beyond it. Reading. At this point, I am following one of the routes in the National Cycle Network. The Thames again, just before Sonning Lock. Windsor. That might be Eton School in the distance. At the time, it seemed sunnier than this picture... The M25 near Heathrow, at a point where it forms the boundary of Greater London. I entered London th... A field where I wouldn't have expected to find one, just across the Road from Heathrow Airport. That... The first ice-lolly stop of my trip, next to the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park. I would get good aeri... Hyde Park Corner. Not very interesting except that, apparently, if you get into the lane where the f... The Mall, looking towards Buckingham Palace. The Mall, looking towards Admiralty Arch. It's a bit odd for a road six lanes wide to have no markin... All right, here they are. Not really sure where I am at this point. Amsterdam, by the look of it. Greenwich Park, where I am contemplating for a moment before plunging into the Eastern Hemisphere. Zangwill Road, on the approach to Shooters Hill. I came here on the same day as I visited Zealand Av... The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at Dartford, the last of the landmarks which I would see again from th... Apparently, the cycle route goes this way. Interesting. I'm not aware of any car ferries which operate out of London. This is about the last I ... A pleasant shady cycle route in Kent. At the start of 20 days of almost uninterrupted sunshine, the ... Kent, <i>the garden of England</i>. Near the Channel Tunnel terminal at Folkestone. Drive on the left. Beware of Frogs. Ho ho ho. Ah. I see a problem. Time for plan B. Plan B seems to have brought me up onto the North Downs again. This isn't right. I'm trying to get o... Aha! Here it is. This is Folkestone harbour, where I failed to find a hotel which didn't look full. Now what's happening? I'm up on the hills again. I can see France from here, just about. Shame I can... Folkestone. Look, that's France there. I'm now on top of the White Cliffs. After a night in Dover, I've finally managed to find my way off Great Britain. You may have noticed ... Dover and its surroundings, seen for the ferry. I was watching a programme about the British coast o... The White Cliffs again. Right, now back to the cycling.